There's a great mix of media in the playlist here at AP HQ, where we often sing in the shower and are sometimes asked "Where do you get all that radiance?" It's our steady diet of truth and beauty - the beauty that surrounds us and the beauty within us that courses through each moment.

One starry night, in the serenade of the crickets’ soft autumn hum, we put together a book of spells to take us back to some precious moments. As fans of both writing and light, photography was our media of choice, and we were reminded of what Barthes noted, that much like the light of a star beaming down the history of the heavens, the photograph is an "emanation of a past reality: a magic, not an art."

After a digital mix of lush petals, butterfly wings and pollinated bee fur - et voila - a book
came to fruition. The Light in the Garden is a bouquet of the freshest pickings for your
coffee table. This collection of my images taken between 1998 and 2000 capture the vibrancy of botanical life with graceful artistry in full view.

(If your paws would like to turn the pages of time, I recommend the Dust Jacket edition ;)

Paul Caponigro once said, "To penetrate and record, even if only reflectively through an idea-image, that which takes place in, over, under, around, and through nature, is to feel the intangible, the somewhere inbetween, the what is and the what I am, the interaction between visible and invisible. This is what I look for--what I am interested in. I am concerned with what grows out of that interaction." We agree completely.


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