Soiree de Mystique

Felicitations from all of us here at Auspicious Projects, where we put out the welcome mat for spontaneity and spend ample amounts of time in creative solitude "visualizing the invisible" as Paul Klee once called it. This is no small task when "the creative power is ineffable. It remains ultimately mysterious. And every mystery affects us deeply."

Yet we find it utterly fascinating, this artful play of seduction that keeps us coming back for more, year after blessed year. Lately, we've been contemplating a happening for one of the most auspicious days at HQ - the natal anniversary of the chief creative conspirator (moi).

In this 30 year adventure, handling the unknown gracefully has become a prominent practice. "Fear of the unknown is the greatest fear. But we just went out there and did it," said Yvon Chouinard about his expeditions and adventures. In the mobius of time, I have arrived here-and-now with savory memories, campfire tales, big-hearted companions, and much to celebrate as I bodyforth the storyline of my lifetime. I vow to get more starlight in my diet on this next trip around the sun.

Join us for an evening of ebullience at Boulder's best kept sancutary for body and soul for a night of cameraderie, revelry and raw cheesecake, truffles, elixirs, kefir, Jun, flavored sakes, biodynamic wines, and of couse, O2.

WHEN: Monday, September 20, 2010, 7pm
WHERE: Tonic Herban Lounge, 2011 10th St., Boulder, CO 80302
WHY: Al-star's 30th birthday. Come celebrate the mystery and embrace the unknown.

PS. Start the party early: Drop by on the eve of September 17, 2010, from 6-9, at 1045 Pearl St. (just above Juanitas), for the Betsy Gill Studio FOUND opening. I'll be there, and I promise to wear something cute.

Be bold, be bold,

The Birthday Girl at Auspicious Projects HQ

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