How the stars came down

There's no time like sidereal time here at the studio, where we measure our brilliance in lumens because it comes so naturally to us. With days filled with lumen hours, we are all turned on from the inside out and known for 'that' glow that makes you want what we're having.

Pour yourself a stargarita, and we’ll tell you our stellar secret: We are all made of stars.

One night on Universe Boulevard, we decided it was no coincidence that luminous rhymes with numinous.  As we watched the falling stars out our late night window under a wedge of waxing moon, we contemplated our favorite line from Longfellow: "One by one, in the infinite meadows of heaven, blossomed the lovely stars, the forget-me-nots of the angels.” And then, we thought of you.

You remind us of a star. It's there - it's all of you. From stellar nurseries to super novas, as an energy body complete with nerves, cells, water, chemistry and physics-particles and space – you emanate your radiance into the world just by being. It’s a divine spark, that. Resplendently, the pursuit of human excellence depends on the inner knowing of your own brilliance.

Shine on you crazy diamond,

a.k.a Alstar, creative spark at Auspicious HQ

Ali Schultz | Creative Conspirator | Boulder, CO | | @manifestcookies

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