Thee Odyssey

Grazing on a steady diet of fresh ideas here at HQ and always living at our edge lest we take up too much space on superfluity, we practice bringing ideas to life ASAFP lest they get stuck in someday land (which we know is dangerously close to never-ever-land).

Many moons ago, an idea and a name came to me like an afflatus. Like any strong message, it echoed strongly until it had my undivided attention. And so Auspicious Projects came to life, bodying forth into a future that was calling me into – something I could feel strongly as I probed the futuristic deep, knowing not where or what or how or why with my cerebral lobes. I only had a faint vision of what I wanted that was connected to the depths of me like a cosmic umbilicus trailing from my destiny.

Like any journey where synchronicity abounds, finding isn’t the same as looking, and "under every deep, another deep opens," life becomes understood as “the edge of you know not what.” You must follow the beautiful beat of your heart as you venture into the mystery. For me, that wise impulse that came to life 5 years ago has been beaming ever since.

With a passion for syntax, the interweavings of the web and a penchant for mixed media forms of beauty, we’ve composed for those not born with adjectives, designed for those in need of a brilliant online presence, and brought ideas to life through the seeming chaos. And, we’ve noticed that when elements collide, something beautiful happens: one's art finds its place in the world. (see also: the latest coming from the swell+stellar department of webside stories - and

Intuition has been my essential guide in the process of artifying auspicious projects. As we spark ideas and go do, the creative inferno is always a little mind blowing. The inner star fire that lights my path, burns bright and inspires others – igniting creativity that comes from being seduced by their muse.

As a sole sojourner, I trusted all that lit me up along the way, welcomed the surprises and found solace in the night sky. What routinely fueled the fire in my heart, also stoked my creative hearth and forged habits that cultivated this artful existence. Because, as Daniel Odier wrote: “Everything that brings pleasure to the heart tunes the cosmic instrument of consciousness.”

Be still and know,

The spark of Auspicious Projects

Ali Schultz | Creative Conspirator | Boulder, CO | | @manifestcookies

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